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This was so adorable. Quite a good love letter to this series. Toru Iwatani would be proud. It reminds me of those Sonic Mania shorts. There was a lot of creative usage of the classic sounds here as well as some humorous facial expressions. The last segment with a sad Clyde trying to eat the apple was a good final segment to wrap up the whole thing. Easily the best of the bunch.

This also inspired me to go replay Pac-Man Champion DX.

HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter responds:

I am so happy you enjoyed : D

Pac-Man is one of my all time favorite series so wanted to give it some love during it's 40th x3

This is quite a powerful love letter to the indie developers behind these games. Loved it all the way through. Excellent presentation as always. I personally haven't played Shovel Knight yet, but I need to hop to it!

I see that you're a big fan of MeatCanyon (I like his stuff too) and this one really shows. This got a few chuckles out of me. Really enjoyed the dialogue towards the end of the infomercial. Keep going, I've been liking what I've seen from you so far.

SteakstixAnimations responds:

Love his stuff! Appreciate it!

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I love me some lofi hip-hop and this one is no exception. Great work here.
Re-listened a few times despite the short length.

mochabaebae responds:

Thank you kindly!

This is a good reminder that I need to check out your music more often. I've lurked around your art thread before, but not your music. You REALLY should be proud of this song. The lyrics flowed beautifully and added a lot to the overall package. Its tone is deeply emotional and relaxing to the ears. I also thoroughly enjoyed the high quality mixing and sound production, especially the chiptune effects and audio editing in the vocals (especially 1:54). I want to say more, but can't think of much else at the moment. I'm glad you were able to recover the remaining FL file in order to make this possible.

Overall, it's definitely a song that's worth listening to on repeat. Good work here.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Sonic Mania has one of my all time favorite game soundtracks in recent years. This is a great Act 2 recreation of one of the best original zones in the game (besides Press Garden.) It captures the upbeat, joyful tone of the original quite well with some nice chiptune added to the mix. Re-listened to it for quite a while.

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Neat design with some cute expressions. Your color schemes are always so pretty.

To the people wondering about why McDingus hasn't been scouted, you need to have at least 4 art pieces to be eligible for scouting (he only has two for now).

He will easily be scouted once he uploads the fourth entry.

Dang, this is a fantastic piece. This would make for a perfect tribute to the 30th anniversary of the original game next month. The combination of all the zones in one piece is simply amazing. Adding the special stage to the core is the cherry on top. The cute animation on the obstacles, rings, and enemies also make it worth watching for quite a while. I've only followed you for a few days now, but you're quickly becoming one of my top favorite pixel artists here. Keep it up.

Daydreamer94 responds:

Wow thank you so much! I am just uploading my backlog at the moment, which is why I've posted so many these last few days. This one alone took me about a month ^^;




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